ARTPOP Film :: G.U.Y.

Timber was invited along for the wild ride that is Lady Gaga. We got involved early on to help concept, storyboard, design and create visual effects for the epic ARTPOP video G.U.Y. From start to finish, creative directors Kevin Lau, Jonah Hall and the rest of the Timber team worked alongside Valis Studios to plan, shoot and finish the 12 minute video. The video was shot over 6 days between a stage in Hollywood and the Iconic backdrop of Hearst Castle.

Client: House Of Gaga
Lady Gaga Manager – Bobby Campbell
Lady Gaga day-to-day Manager – Lane Bentley
Fashion Director – Brandon Maxwell
Choreographer – Richard Jackson
Hair Stylist – Frederic Aspiras
Sound Design: Paul “DJ White Shadow” Blair
Managing Director – Sonja Durham
Creative Coordinator – Lacee Franks
Personal Assistant – Ashley Gutierrez

Director – Lady Gaga

Producer – Nicole Ehrlich
Producer – Andrew Listermann
Executive Producer – Emerald Listermann
Production Company – Rocket In My Pocket
Production Company – Riveting Entertainment
Post Production: TIMBER
Creative Directors – Jonah Hall, Kevin Lau
VFX Head of Production – Michael Theurer
VFX Producer – Shelby Wong
Storyboard Artist – Max Forward
Smoke Artist – Chris Homel
Smoke Assistant – Austin Hickman-Fain
Smoke Assistant – Chris Brown
Nuke Compositors – Krista Benson
Nuke Compositors – Julie Jang
Tracking Artist: Graham Herbste
Roto Artist – Hilery Johnson
Roto Artist – Dylan Holden