51 And Counting

Peyton Manning’s 51 touchdown passes, breaking the single-season touchdown record, shown in an artistic montage of still images, as told by Gatorade. Although exciting photography of Payton Manning in action are not in short supply, modifying hundreds of them to fit in this formatted context proved challenging. The team at Timber designed a procedural background extension system that used imaging technology to clone, extend, replicate and reformat photography so that there was a working stadium for each image. Great fun and working on this project alongside Christjan Jordan of Arcade Edit and TBWA Chiat Day/LA.
Client: TBWA Chiat Day/LA
Creative Director: Gustavo Sarkis
Art Director: Pierce Thiot
Chief Cr Off: John Norman
Copywriter: Scott Cleveland
Exec Producer: Brian O’Rourke
Group CD: Brent Anderson
Producer: Ashton Dunn
Editorial: ARCADE EDIT
Editor: Christjan Jordan
Assistant Editors: Sean Lagrange
Managing Partner: Damian Stevens
Executive Producer: Nicole Visram
Producer: Gavin Carroll

Post Production: TIMBER
Creative Directors: Jonah Hall, Kevin Lau
Head of Production: Michael Theurer