ANOTHER WOOOOOORRRRLLLLLLDDDDDDD PREMIERE. Timber is excited to present our latest collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, Director Dave Meyers and the team at FREENJOY. Love was a journey and we’re incredibly proud of it.

Production : Freenjoy
DIRECTOR Dave Meyers
EP Nathan Scherrer
Line Producer Ben Piety
Producer Jason Baum

Design / Visual Effects: Timber
Creative Directors / Partners: Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau
Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo
Flame Artists: Miles Kinghorn / Tim Miller
Flame Assists: Erik Rojas / Brandon Harden / Austin Lewis
Nuke Artists: Andrew Ashton / Matt LaVoy / Jason Forester / Eric Almeras / Eduardo Anton / Michael Loney
CG: Jeff Willette / Kevin Gillen / Erik Zimmermann
Cel: Ashley Becerra
Producers: Leighton Greer / Jillian Lynes