Meet me in the middle

Meet me in the middle. Flawless collaboration is a wonderful thing. Great ideas, great people and a breakneck schedule resulted in this little gem for Target, Maren Morris, DJ Zedd and the 2018 Grammy Awards. Big thanks to Dave Meyers, Radical Media & Mother New York. Great work to Timber’s “pre shoot” production design team and our “post shoot” vfx and finishing team. Amazing work everyone.

Client: Target
Production: RadicalMedia
Director: Dave Meyers
Executive Producer: Jim Bouvet
Producer: Steve Fredriksz
Director of Photography: Scott Cunningham
Production Designer: Phil Messina
Editorial: Cartel
Executive Producer: Lauren Bleiweiss
Producers: Meagen Carroll & Greer Bratschie
Editor: Nick Gilberg

Mother New York (Agency)
CO3 (Color)
Senior Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Lime (Sound)
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Mixer: Jeff Malen
LED Motion Graphics
Graphics Designer: Gabe Damast
Contributing GD: Kerstin Hovland

Choreographer:  Hi-Hat
Wardrobe Stylist Jessica and Kelly (JAK)

VFX + Online: Timber
Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo
Creative Directors: Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau
Producers: Jillian Lynes & James Reid
Flame Artists: Todd Mesher, Scott Johnson, Tim Bird, Chris DeCristo, Andrew
MacDonald, Federico Saccone
Additional Artists: Jon Lorenz, Brandon Lester, Jeff Willette
Elevator Element:
CG: Jon Lorenz, Brack Hightchew,
Flame Assistants: Brandon Harden, Brack Hightchew, Erik Rojas
Production Coordinator: Michelle Castillo